The Four Seasons

…and I don’t mean the fancy pants hotel, now that I’m living in the Big Apple.

There are two major seasons that coincidently represent the dichotomy of the Desi-American wedding conundrum.

In America, wedding season is very much in the summer. The Desi wedding season back home is in the winter. Both have many factors that lead to these two times of the year as the height of wedding season mostly because of the climate and convenience for guests (which allows for wedding vendors to hike up their prices). However, I would like to talk about the choice of seasons. Much like in my earlier  post Ring Flings, the season a bride WISHES for (not actually the season during which the wedding is possible) speaks a lot about your personality as a bride and as a couple.

All weddings have different parts that create the full-on wedding experience. Even if you’re limited to celebrating your wedding during the June/December split, the season your ideal-inner-bride-self yearns for says a lot about where you should expend your energy and budget that would make you feel the happiest.

Choosing Summer:


Choosing summer allows the party to last much longer than any season. With the advent of Daylight Savings, summer in the States can last till 9pm! Sunlight tends to give us an excess of energy. Summer brides are most often not thinking about themselves. They are thinking about the party; the reception, the after-party, the party bus, the DJ. And you can’t have a party without friends and people. Summer brides tend to agonize over the guest list more than every other bride. They want to make sure everyone is included at the expense of the other details. This can get complicated since a lot of the vendors cater to brides of the fall season to celebrate during the summer time, but don’t go into a tail spin. Party on, summer lovers!

Choosing Fall:


Wedding vendors and dream-makers actually cater to the eyes of the fall bride. Every fall bride I’ve spoken to (and idealistically being a fall bride myself) cares so much about the details and the aesthetic. That is not to say that every fall bride would choose Halloween and fall colors. That is also not to say brides of any other season don’t care about the overall appearance of their event. Fall brides are fairy-tale visionaries. With all the details among details that can plague brides, as a fall bride your focus and energy would be best spent on deciding the layout of your space and the centerpieces. Allow the other details to take a lesser priority. Create a list of what can be decided after you’ve picked out your layout and tablescapes, and if you need help– future posts are coming soon!

Choosing Winter:


Ah, the winter bride. All the feels! Winter brides are some of the sweetest, most loving people I’ve known. The idealist winter bride and couple really love the feeling of warmth. Although, it’s cold outside, the winter brides love the idea of everyone coming together in an intimate setting. It’s very much the idea of gathering around a warm fire to celebrate the warm feeling of love. Winter allows the opportunity to strip away the looks and just focus on the feeling in the same way that snow can cover the tops of cities and streets and make everyone focus on the beauty and the feeling of the holiday season. Your time and energy will be best focused on everything that makes the ceremony itself the most special. Focus on the vows, go to pre-marital counseling courses, plan the honeymoon– these are the highest leverage planning that will make you the happiest.

Choosing Spring:


Choosing spring is kindred to a breath of fresh air. The spring couple is often times, and ironically, the opposite of spring chickens. The spring bride is into the simplicity of it all. They do not care to be bothered with all the details because they are more focused on celebrating a new milestone. Spring brides should also really focus on the ceremony itself, but in addition should consider what milestones in their relationship brought them to this moment in their journey. If wedding planning has you overwhelmed, stop and take stock of all the moments that were important to your relationship, and find ways to incorporate that into your wedding. Share dates and details with your guests. Ask your guests to give you ideas centered around other mile markers you have planned in the future.


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