Glamour Shots

Beauty before the wedding is something that can take many forms and become a major stressor. Stress can lead to many detrimental effects on the way you feel about the wedding as well as the way that you look.

Here are few things to consider:

What already works for you? Do you have a morning and bedtime skin care routine?

If the answer is, “Yes!” you’re already one step ahead! This is the best time to add in a simply eye cream for the fine lines or an additional serum to help absorb the moisturizer better.

If not– well start there. As an ex-Mary-Kay-turned-to-Estee-Lauder/Department-store-makeup-consultant– the absolute basics are:

Wash your face and then moisturize. Once in the morning and once at night.

Basic 2.0

Apply a serum all over, and an eye cream especially at night. Even if you’re young. The signs of aging begin to appear when you’re 22 anyway. So if you’re getting married before you’re 22, perhaps I can recommend the book “Lies at the Alter” by Dr. Robin L. Smith before you deep dive into my blog.


Identify your biggest problem- large pores, dry patches, oily patches, dull skin, etc. and go to Sephora to look for some masks, they’re typically $6-$8 for the store brand trial sizes. Try the new multi-masking technique to hit multiple problems. Do this 1x per week. Add a Biore blackhead clearing strip to the mix for best results.


Add a professional facial to get done 2x a month.


Make an appointment with a dermatologist and let them recommend things to you that are far beyond my scope of knowledge.

There are so many different wedding preparation guides that suggest beginning your beauty routine within a specific timeline, but the truth is consistency is key. My favorite quote from my Lauder days was, “There is no such thing as an ugly woman– just a lazy one.” The more effort you put into your self care by making it a habit, the less extreme your makeover will seem on your special day.

Finding a great make-up artist and photographer are part of the magic, but I’ll save that for another post!


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