Diets, Tries, and Diatribes

To kind of go along with my last post about beauty regimens etc., I thought I’d write about the  worst part (at least for me) of wedding planning– fitting into the dream dress (or dresses, in my case).

When I was dress shopping, I learned a few things before I ever stepped into a bridal store.

  1. I look good in several dress styles including a mermaid or trumpet style of dress because I have an hourglass shape, an A-line, or a sheath style.
  2. I did not look good in ball gowns because I’m only 5′ 1″, and I looked like I was swallowed by the tulle.
  3. It is necessary for me to get all things hemmed because I am only 5’1″.
  4. Cap sleeves did nothing to help minimize my expanding upper arms, but I had to keep my shoulders covered.

What I didn’t know was this:


I can go on and talk more about that sizing industry, but let’s talk about Diets.

After the overwhelmingly negative experience of shopping for dresses with both my mother and mother-in-law, I became the most obsessed with getting down to a specific number in dress size and on the scale in time for each event. This led to a series of cleanses and crash course diets, that in the end were very unsustainable.

Being married to a man who is naturally thin and is a doctor (so theoretically aware of best lifestyle habits) he and I have gone into so many discussions about how my weight management should be something sustainable.

Apparently CNN agrees with him about what really works, read about it here.

What I’ve tried before the wedding:

I did the GM cleanse 2 times (20 days) before our engagement and dropped 15 lbs. It really worked! I looked fantastic! I gained 15 lbs back in 5 days! So there’s that. It’s a really great way to kick-start a lifestyle change, if you’re someone that needs to abstain from all your junk-food obsessions. It is NOT an actual solution to anything.

I did Herbalife for 2 months and lost 10 lbs (much healthier rate of weight loss) and it was definitely the most sustainable because of it’s easy substitutions, but as soon as I had stopped, I got back into my bad habits. The problem with Herbalife is that although you’re restricting your calories by having shakes, the body processes shakes and food that you chew very differently. So in fact, the habits that are necessary with preparing real meals didn’t actually develop.

Whole30 was the diet that improved my overall mood and habits the most, but it is NOT sustainable in its strictest form. When I did Whole30, I didn’t eat out even once during the entire month, I avoided hanging out with friends unless they came over, and I was able to meal prep in manageable ways because I wasn’t working full time. Now that I am living in this busy-commuter-work-for-9-hours-a-day-and-then-some, there is no way that I would be able to meal prep for the freshest foods that I enjoyed eating that also wouldn’t spoil.


I even tried the prescription appetite suppressant pills from my doctor, but it overwhelmed my anxiety, and I was beginning to develop tremors–so I had to stop.

Lucky for me, I was able to do the mediterranean diet of lots of fish, very little starchy carbohydrates, everything cooked with olive oil, and lots of fresh vegetables and tons of tomato and parsley when I was living at home with my mom and she helped with the meal prepping. I did notice the weight come off the fastest, and I felt my most satisfied with this lifestyle (not diet).

Alas, the only recommendation I have from the horrors of my diets and fails before the wedding is this:

If you decide to completely change your lifestyle because both you and your partner want to bring good habits into your marriage– do it.

If you want to fit into a dress– buy a bigger dress.


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