Anticipation in Action


Photo by Travis and Haley G

I have had dreams, more like nightmares, that I arrive to a test or an event unprepared. In fact, I had a nightmare last night– only wedding related.

I arrived at this glamorous hotel in my husband’s favorite sporty car and all he had in the trunk of his car were: my shoes, my dress, and his tux. We had, yet another, wedding reception. Only this time, the guests were all the people we had cut ties with over the years for the toxic relationships they had fostered– so of course they wanted to see us at our worst.

Thankfully, I woke up and my husband was softly snoring next to me and I realized the only thing he would be rushing off to soon is the hospital for work.

While there may be a team of people who are there to help you prepare and look glamorous for your wedding day there are some things you have to prepare for.

All women who are in their 3rd trimester pack a suitcase, just in case they go into labor at any point. Well, it may not be as unexpected for a bride– brides ought to pack a suitcase a week ahead of the big day. One week allows for those last minute add-ons that are more custom to your needs.

After six events, here are the things I would recommend go in your Bridal Duffel:

Hair & Make-up (even if you’re hiring a glam team):

  1. Bobby pins, at least 5 of all kinds (even if you’re getting your hair professionally done)

    Found on Google
  2. Hair spray
  3. Dry Shampoo
  4. Root Touch-Up (even if your hair isn’t colored)
  5. Hair Brush
  6. Eyelashes of your own choice, make-up  artists will carry what most brides typically use, but they may not be what you love on yourself. Personally, the Faux Mink eyelashes look best on me. Some people look best with the individual eyelashes.
  7. Eyelash glue (clear-drying), this is great not just for gluing eyelashes in place as I learned from my last event.
  8. Chapstick
  9. Freshening Mist (Rosewater, Evian spray, Tarte’s mist, etc.)
  10. Lipstick- Shade that you’re wearing to your event
  11. Breath Mints
  12. Tissues
  13. Make-up Wipes
  14. Clear Nail Polish- for more uses than just your nails
  15. Brown, Black, and Gold sharpie


  1. Pack at least 3 pairs of the same undies
    1. Just in case you don’t quite make it to the bathroom on time
    2. Just in case you’re a nervous wreck and sweat a lot (speaking from experience)
    3. Just in case
  2. Extra sticky boobs
  3. Double stick tape
  4. Safety-pins of various sizes
  5. The corset (if you have one for your dress)
  6. The spanx (if you’re wearing a dress that has a flowy, clings-to-your-body type of fabric
  7. Chalk
  8. Dryer Sheets


  1. Deodorant
    1. The kind you normally wear
    2. A spray on kind to spray in between the ceremony and reception that won’t dry on your dress
  2. Feminine Wipes
    1. I am HUGE fan of feminine hygiene wipes. I especially prefer the Always brand of wipes. They go such a long way of making one feel squeaky clean, even at the worst moments. Pro-tip: you can use them as wipes almost anywhere else on your body that needs freshening up!
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  6. Floss- I’m not kidding. This is SO essential.
  7. Cotton Swabs
  8. Q-tips
  9. Roll-on of your favorite perfume, or a mini-bottle.

Just for me, stuff I loved:

  1. Hot Buns hair accessory. Came in super handy for my over the top Desi do.
  2. Pretty stationary to write notes to my hubby on
  3. Diet Coke
  4. Sparkling Water
  5. Cucumber slices to snack on
  6. Extra phone charger
  7. Headphones
  8. Flip flops or Uggs
  9. Robes, shirts, lounge wear of some sort
  10. Leggings


Hopefully these lists help, and if any would like to share some of the things they also packed into their bags, please share! Best wishes on your forever, ever, after!


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