PSA: About PDA

Hey there Brides and Besties,

The question we have been asking ourselves as we watch “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and “Mohabattein” is– are we allowed to kiss at the wedding?

In both of those movies the suggestion of more than kissing is there to help the audience, but ultimately (until 2015) kissing was left up to the imagination. As Dostoevsky pointed out, “First art imitates life, then life would imitate art, and finally that life would draw the very reason for its existence from art.” I take that to mean that it is okay to kiss at the wedding if certain things are true.

1. What does the kiss mean?

If kissing in front of friends and family is something that you normally do, there is nothing wrong with the public display of affection. It might even seem endearing to those around you.

2. Who has a problem with the kiss?

If it’s your parents and the “elders” in the family. Perhaps consider holding off until the party gets later, or kiss just for photos when you’re taking pictures in private.

If it’s the more conservative members of your guests, maybe consider not making out but kissing seems totally appropriate.

3. Is it about the pictures or is it about proving a point?

In these progressive times, a little discomfort can go a long way towards pontificating an important message. If you’re having a fusion wedding and you want to kiss to show that love can cross borders and traditions then make the kiss an event!

If it’s for memories, really think about doing if without an audience. There is something so special about keepings those pictures for yourself, only to be discovered by those who are so special.


Our story:

My husband and I both come from fairly conservative (religiously) families. Out of respect, we never photographed ourselves kissing until AFTER the religious ceremony. For us, holding hands openly was the statement we wanted to make. The one time that we did take pictures kissing, it was SO unusual for us that we giggled almost entirely throughout all the photos. It was however, a really significant, special moment for us as a couple.


Kissing 3Kissing1Kissing 2travis+haleyg-042161123

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