Entrances and Exits

Hello Brides and Besties, I’ve been thinking about the way we enter depending on our culture and of the specific event we’re having. At this point I’ve come in on a rustic wooden wagon covered in flowers, a palanquin carried by other important men in my life, escorted by my parents, to the sound of…

Diets, Tries, and Diatribes

To kind of go along with my last post about beauty regimens etc., I thought I’d write about the  worst part (at least for me) of wedding planning– fitting into the dream dress (or dresses, in my case). When I was dress shopping, I learned a few things before I ever stepped into a bridal…

Glamour Shots

Beauty or Stress? Some tips to make sure you’re glowing, before the glam squad arrives!

Propose a Toast!

Planning an engagement party after the proposal can be everything. #Perfect

Ring Flings

Personality types is an additional thing to consider apart from Cut, Color, and Clarity!

Rules of Engagement (Love Marriages)

As an American Desi, a “love marriage” seems to be the new norm. As my father likes to say, “You were 90% arranged,” mostly because we held on to some guidelines before taking the leap.

The Legend of the Spoon

This is where it all really began for my then boyfriend and I. The story of a promise ring given, and a promise then kept.